This is an Advert created to be used on ITV, It was created for First Class Holidays, they used it to promote their 2019 pricing and to attract more customers to their website.

This video was used to help promote a new world-wide escorted tour, this was used across social media and across First Class Holiday's website.

This video was used to promote the 'Staff Profile' page. This will build trust with the potential customers watching the video as it will create an instant familiarity, putting a voice to a face.

This is a Bloopers video created of the staff members at First Class Holidays, this was used across their website and went Viral across social media!

This video was showcased to all the staff at First Class Holidays, it was being used to give a visual representation of the new tours they can provide to customers across New Zealand in 2019.

This was First Class Holidays brand video used on YouTube adverts, this advert drove over 200,000 clicks to their website.

This video was used to showcase to agents across the UK to promote a new incentive First Class Holidays was having, it was used across email marketing and social media.